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Guangdong Junyi Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd. has three major ceramic production base: are located in Foshan Hefeng Industrial Zone, glass fossil production base, located in the South China Sea Shishan industrial area of ??the wall production base and the construction of the Enping City comprehensive production base The The annual production capacity of a total of 32 million square meters, with a number of the current international advanced level of modern production lines, equipped with a full set of Italy introduced SACMI automatic molding equipment, large wide-width roller kiln and a series of cutting-edge technology level equipment. With 8800 tons of presses, imported fabrics and advanced materials equipment, the integration of domestic high-quality clay resources, the formation of powerful, complete intelligent production lines. The use of high-tech, in the real reduction of natural stone natural texture, the use of computer-controlled long shot random fabric new technology, MTP multiple free supply system, so that each product texture presents a different natural charm and color, so that the overall layout The natural atmosphere of the majestic feeling. Super high-pressure molding and high temperature cooking, creating diamond-like hardness, so that the Mohs hardness of 7, hard wear; water absorption of less than 0.1%, with strong anti-fouling and acid and alkali resistance. Moreover, with many ceramic enterprises is different from the production base into the advanced gas system, the real green production, fully embodies Jun Yi Tao enterprises a high degree of social responsibility and environmental awareness.